Hands-On – H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Centre Seconds Automatic – When Simplicity Becomes Essential

May 6, 2021
5 min read

As we previously showed a few times here, on Monochrome, the Schaffhausen-based production H. Moser & Cie. (otherwise called the Robin Hood of watchmaking… Those who realize will see, otherwise read this ) is about straightforwardness and immaculateness of their watches, by r emoving even the logo on the dial and any sort of markers . However, straightforwardness can likewise come from a showcase and usefulness, and for this situation, this word is nothing derogatory and I would even allude to essential… Something that the new H. Moser Cie. Try Center Seconds Automatic, introduced at Baselworld 2017, characterizes very well.

Hours, minutes and seconds… and that’s all. For a few, this implies “simple”. For others, this will lead to another idea, “essential”. This new H. Moser & Cie. Try Center Seconds Automatic is the pith of the brand, and not just on the grounds that it just shows the time and… the time, yet for the most part on the grounds that close by this basic appearance, it really summarizes everything the brand is. It is a work of art, a watch to become a foundation, yet it has all the components to become what H. Moser & Cie. should be: equilibrium of the extents, tastefulness of the shapes, reasonableness consistently, all around finished development, and that one of a kind spot of Moser, obviously combined to a specific non-respect of the Swiss traditions.

What we have with this H. Moser & Cie. Try Center Seconds Automatic is in reality, from the start, basic. A 3-hander with all signs on the focal pivot. Don’t misunderstand me though, this showcase surely is the most normal and generally reasonable of all. No date, no additional highlights from the outset, simply the time. However, this new watch stands apart for something else: the imbrication in a solitary watch of the multitude of notable components of Moser. Furthermore, the first is the dial. 4 renditions will be accessible, and all element signature fumé colors (which means slope schemes, with the periphery of the dial more obscure than the middle). Indeed, even the shadings utilized quickly feel like Moser – crazy blue, midnight blue and smoky dark. On these dials, no engravings (no Swiss Made, no automatic, no model name) simply the logo of the brand (for once…)

Hands and files are likewise old style to the brand, with stretched and polished leaf hands combined to faceted applied lists. By and large, thanks to the fumé dials, the Endeavour Center Seconds Automatic doesn’t feel vacant or excessively perfect. Unexpectedly, these watches are vivacious and play seriously with the encompassing light. The cases, here made of 18k white or 18k red gold, are currently however sensibly proportioned: 40mm in distance across, 10.7mm in thickness. An ideal all-rounder. They show more powerful bends and redid lines, compared to more established watches of the brand, yet they keep the in general unmistakable shape that make tastefulness and inventiveness, with an inward bezel and sunken casebands. A few sections are polished, some are vertically brushed, making a rather unique case – and we realize that an old style watch with an exemplary case can now and again feel boring.

New show implies here new development, or if nothing else the utilization interestingly of the in-house automatic development in an old style watch (this development was utilized in the lively Pioneer assortment as of now). The Endeavour Center Seconds Automatic is fueled by an automatic type, with focal rotor (very unordinary for the brand, more used to physically twisted developments), welcoming some common sense consistently. The HMC 200 flaunts a 3-day power save when completely twisted by its huge engraved gold swaying weight. The finishing is lovely, obviously, with Moser twofold stripes, polished points and perlage on the principle plate. The conventional highlights of Moser developments are here: managing organ produced by Precision Engineering AG, H. Moser & Cie.’s sister company, Straumann Hairspring with level overcoil and interchangeable directing organ (to encourage administration operations).

With this new Endeavour Center Seconds Automatic, H. Moser & Cie. doesn’t restore the idea of the brand and doesn’t exaggerate. What they made is a column watch, intended to become an exemplary for the coming years. However, don’t see this simple 3-hander as traditionalist. It has the right harmony among dressy and easygoing (thanks to 40mm case and its rather complex shape), it has some innovation with ties in abnormal materials (twisted leather, for a vintage and smart look, or the mark crude kudu leather) and an unmistakable look with these energetic and colorful fumé dials. Generally, there’s a ton going on this Endeavour Center Seconds Automatic, even with just 3-hands. More subtleties on  www.h-moser.com .

Specifications of the H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Center Seconds Automatic

  • Case: 40mm breadth x 10.7mm thickness – 18K white gold or 18k red gold – polished and brushed – sapphire precious stone and transparent case-back
  • Movement – Caliber HMC 200 – in-house – 32mm measurement – automatic – 3-day power hold – 18,000vph – hours, minutes, seconds
  • Straps: earthy colored or dark crocodile leather tie or kudu leather tie – gold pin buckle
  • Price: CHF 19,900
  • Reference 1200-0400, 18-carat red gold model, signature fumé dial, earthy colored crocodile leather strap
  • Reference 1200-0401, 18-carat red gold model, midnight-blue fumé dial, earthy colored gator leather strap
  • Reference 1200-0200, 18-carat white gold model, signature fumé dial, dark gator leather strap
  • Reference 1200-0201, 18-carat white gold model, Funky Blue dial (sky-blue fumé), kudu leather strap