Highlights from the Geneva Phillips Watch Auction Two – Including another crazy Steel Patek Philippe Split Chronograph and a real James Bond Rolex Submariner

June 11, 2021
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Together with all the one of a kind watches that are going to be actioned for  Only Watch 2015 , Phllips Auction will additionally hold its subsequent deal, with old style vintage and significant watches. The Auction Two will occur at Hôtel La Réserve, Geneva, on the night of Saturday 7 November, proceeding with on Sunday 8 November. 200 watches are recorded for a complete estimate of $14 million (€12.5 million), which implies that once more, the nature of the determination will be hardly debatable. Here are the features from the Geneva Phillips Watch Auction: Two – Including another insane Steel Patek Philippe Split Chronograph and a REAL James Bond Rolex Submariner.

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Another insane Steel Patek Philippe – The Split Seconds Chronograph Ref. 1436

During their first deal, Phillips sold one of the two known  Patek Philippe Ref. 130 Single Button Chronograph in hardened steel  for no under $5 Million/CHF 4.65 Million (with an expected value of CHF 1,000,000/CHF 2,000,000), a watch that is currently well known for being the most costly steel observe at any point sold and the third most costly wristwatch ever. With the November Auction Two, Phillips may have another record breaker, for the sake of the Patek Philippe Steel Split Seconds Chronograph Reference 1436.

The ref. 1436 is one of the best Patek ever and one of just two vintage split second chronograph references delivered by the “old maison“. Normally, these were cased in yellow gold, and just an exceptionally modest number were completed in pink gold. In any case, in view of explores, just two stainless steel editions were delivered during the 1940s.

The Patek Philippe Steel Split Seconds Chronograph Reference 1436 to be sold here is thus one of just two known reference 1436 in treated steel, made and completed during the 1940s. It was first sold in 1949 and it has only seen three proprietors since its unique buy. Furthermore, the general condition is staggering. It is assessed to CHF 1,500,000/CHF 3,000,000 and could along these lines, possibly, break the past record of the Ref. 130.

A Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Reference 2499 First Series, the extraordinary yellow gold version with Champagne dial

The References 2499 (whatever the arrangement) are chalices for gatherers. With regards to First Series, we’re before dream machines, because less than four dozen were delivered. Recollect at the Patek Philippe 175th commemoration … One of the four Ref. 2499 in pink gold achieved CHF 2,629,000 , a watch that turned out to be special on account of the French schedule engravings. The Ref. 2499 that Phillips is going to sell is in any event as fascinating and uncommon, as it is additionally a first arrangement and furthermore a one of a kind version since it is the simply one to be brought into the world with a champagne dial (a reality that is validated by the Extract of the Archive).

It again comes in a dazzling condition – take a gander at the carries and the dial and you’ll understand what we mean here (it could well be unpolished). The case is made of 18k yellow gold. Thinking about the extraordinariness and the excellence of this watch, the assessment is high at CHF 800,000/CHF 1,400,000 – yet not very high, and we could see again another record breaker.

An über-cool and REAL James Bond Watch – the Rolex Submariner 5513 from 007 film “Live and Let Die”

Clearly, this is a dazzling watch! Itself, a Rolex Submariner 5513 is a pleasant vintage watch. Notwithstanding, when you realize that this model was altered and afterward worn by Sir Roger Moore in 007 movie “Live and Let Die”, the story becomes to be truly special and energizing. Disregard the purported “James Bond” Submariner Ref. 6538 , Phillips is going to sell a TRUE James Bond watch – and indeed, it accompanies the devices. It you look carefully, you’ll see the particular profile of the bezel, a buzz-saw bezel to be precise, that spun and could slice through rope. Another (fanciful) component of this watch was an hyper increased attractive field with the capacity to divert shots (or to unfasten dresses) – highlights that are clarified on the sketch underneath. (note that this watch was exceptionally adjusted, including the development that comes up short on its second hand).

This piece of unadulterated coolness, created in 1972, is signed inside the caseback “Roger Moore 007” (endorsed by hand, by him) and has an assessment of CHF 150,000/CHF 250,000 (an assessment that could undoubtedly be exploded, considering the cost came to by more traditional Rolex Submariners).

Rolex Daytona “Solo Quicksilver” Reference 6239

What’s so extraordinary about this Rolex Daytona that could supported its CHF 250,000/CHF 500,000 assessment? This version is in reality called the “Solo Rolex Quicksilver”, on the grounds that not at all like each other reference 6239, the model name “Cosmograph” is missing. You can look, whatever the shade of the dial (silver or dark) or the version (traditional or Paul Newman), the “Cosmograph” engraving is (almost) consistently present.

This potentially interesting watch was on the the cover of Ultimate Rolex Daytona, composed by Italian authority Pucci Papaleo. This “Solo Rolex” Daytona is essential for the most extraordinary releases conceivable and could likewise be sold at a more prominent cost than its assessment (recall this  Albino Daytona 6263 claimed by Eric Clapton sold at CHF 1,325,000 ).

A perhaps one of a kind twofold marked Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Ref. 6241, Retailed by Hermes

Itself, a vintage Rolex Daytona, whether a “normal” release or a “exotic” Paul Newman variant, isn’t very uncommon. Obviously, you won’t see one regular yet it’s not the most extraordinary piece of watchmaking existing on earth. Notwithstanding, there are not many things that can make a Cosmograph Daytona more exceptional than another (like for example the independent mark seen previously). In the first place, having a Paul Newman dial makes it sort of cool (however not amazingly uncommon however). Then, having one in full yellow gold (counting the first wristband) is again a decent sign – it becomes to be less “usual“. Being a Ref. 6241 (in this manner with a bakelite bezel and non-screwed, siphon pushers – potentially the most delightful version) again brings some quality. So what we could have here is an extremely decent Rolex Daytona, in excellent condition and, honestly, a piece of unadulterated vintage coolness.

BUT, there’s more on this watch… Something that makes it conceivably (indeed, unquestionably) extraordinary: a twofold signature – yet this time, not on the dial, as we’re used to see on other twofold marked watches. The caseback of this Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Ref. 6241 is engraved with the name of the French retailer “HERMES”. Additionally, the caseback is stepped with French gold import marks and the stamp of Rolex France. Affirmed by Hermès in Paris, this very watch was retailed by Hermès and sold on 30 November 1971.

You’ll be completely permitted to say that is only a little detail. In any case, in the realm of collectible watches (and considerably more in the realm of collectible Rolex watches), these sort of subtleties have a gigantic effect and (kind of) clarify the high assessment (CHF 300,000/CHF 600,000). Like the “Solo Quicksilver” above, this double-marked Hermes/Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Ref. 6241 is such a prize for gatherers, a vessel that nobody else can have.

A 1920s Audemars Piguet Minute Repeater retailed via Cartier

If there’s something that Audemars Piguet was good at, it was minute repeaters. They even showed as of late that they are still awesome at it (with the crazy  Concept RD1 ). Notwithstanding, you likely wonder why we’re talking AP, as the watch appeared here has Cartier composed on the dial. Cartier, similar to Tiffany or a few other gem specialists, used to be retailer for a few watch brands (like Patek or Rolex) and this watch was fabricated by Audemars Piguet and marked Cartier. It’s an ideal illustration of a 1920s watch, with a tortue-style case in platinum and (shocking) Breguet numerals. What is appropriately astounding is the size of the case and the slenderness of the profile – take a gander at the thickness modern rehashing watches…

This 1920s Audemars Piguet Minute Repeater retailed via Cartier was initially bought by Henry Haven Windsor, Jr., the child of the author of Popular Mechanics magazine. It is assessed at CHF 300,000/CHF 600,000 (and indeed, not just Patek and Rolex watches can have insane estimations).

A Vacheron & Constantin “Cornes de Vache” Chronograph Reference 6087 in pink gold

This watch couldn’t be more genuine, as Vacheron-Constantin just dispatched a re-issue, in a more present day way . It’s an significant watch for Vacheron-Constantin as it was the last chronograph made by the manufacture until 1989. As announced by the  Hour Lounge  (Vacheron-Constantin’s own blog), the 6087 was created in just 36 pieces (28 in yellow gold, 6 in pink gold and 2 in platinum – note that the 2 platinum versions were made later, during the 1990s, with an alternate case) and it is one of the most uncommon and most collectible watches from Vacheron-Constantin. The 6087 accompanied a 35mm case with these typical cow horn drags, round pushers and a water safe case. Inside was ticking the Calibre 492.

The one offered today is one of the six made in pink gold, making it a very uncommon watch – subsequently supporting the significance of this reference for gatherers. It has an expected cost of CHF 50,000/CHF 100,000 (something that remains amazingly low compared to some vintage Patek, with a lower family and rarity… this 6087 merits much more).

Bonus – One of the 3 known Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700/1A, retailed and endorsed by Gübelin (with unique box)

The early Nautilus is certainly perhaps the most wail after current games watches. With its plan made by Gerald Genta, the Reference 3700/1A was underway for not exactly 10 years and is the most pined for reference of the Nautilus product offering, lovingly known as the “Jumbo” by collectors. According to grant, this model is one of the lone three models decorated with the Gübelin retailer signature, making one of the most extraordinary Nautilus possible.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700/1A still holds its unique stopper box, and furthermore is accompanied by a concentrate from the archives.